Hi Everyone.  This is Brook Dougherty coming to you from Los Angeles.

I am a writer and the co-founder/CEO of Young Angels of America. Young Angels is about entrepreneurship and philanthropy and engaging young people in our democracy. Very cool stuff.  Our latest love child is a podcast that can be found at www.mikerileynow.com. We are very busy transitioning from teaching our live-event format to teaching our teams how to produce an monetize media content.

One of my greatest joys is collecting young people who have the potential to grow into great influencers philanthropists. I’ll be telling you about the fun I’m having with Mike Riley, Charlie and Cameron, the three young hosts of the Mike Riley Now podcast and are whole slate of in-production content.  Working with young people and passing on knowledge and info really keeps me electrified. Plus, I wouldn’t be the technological wizard I am without them.

My memoir is entitled, Nothing to Write Home About, which I wrote in my maiden name because I wasn’t ready to totally “out” myself.  Fun times with standup comedy, cocaine and domestic violence in the 70’s was not the image I was going for when I moved to Pacific Palisades and was doing the mom thing.  But my daughter is a grown up now, so my lips are no longer sealed. I’m working on a film adaption, draft 4 million.

I’m the wife of a law school professor/entertainment attorney and a great guitar player (same fabulous guy– F. Jay Dougherty).  I’m a mom– of a millennial, step grandma of a great little dude, dog-lover and challah baker. I like aging, which I prefer to call “smartening up,” great self-care, especially if it involves pro-aging products, and staying as close to paleo as possible.  I’m learning every single day, especially from the young thought leaders, and I like to share the adventures I’m having in my sixties, and my latest, greatest epiphanies about how to set up for a strong, fun, clear Act 3.

Bye for now.